Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky’s Judicial Endorsements 2018

Thank you to U.S Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky for endorsing my candidacy for judge in the 8th Judicial SubCircuit.

“Dear Voters of Cook County,

I am proud to announce my judicial endorsements for the 2018 Primary and General Elections. The
following candidates for judge have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the law, a deep sense of
empathy towards others, and a sincere commitment to improving our criminal justice system in Cook

Cecilia Horan, Cook County
Preston Jones Jr., Cook County
Oran Whiting, Cook County
Myron Mackoff, 8th Subcircuit
Robin Shoffner, 8th Subcircuit
Michael Forti, 8th Subcircuit
Marian Perkins, 5th Subcircuit
Lindsay Huge, Cook County Alternate
Thomas McGuire, Cook County Alternate
Thomas Nowinski, Cook County Alternate

These candidates represent a diverse set of backgrounds and will bring new perspectives to our justice
system. As a Cook County voter, I urge you to support this impressive group of judicial candidates.”

Jan Schakowsky.

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